Since times immemorial, the Vedas (knowledge) are orally handed down from masters to disciples. More than 5000 years ago, since the human race headed a certain degradation, the wise Vyāsadeva compiled this knowledge in writing.

Originally, there was only one Veda. It was then divided into 4 parts in order to be accessible to different types of person.

Vedic Knowledge treats as much of the material world’s complexities as the subtlety and variety of the spiritual world.

For example, the Vedas describe explicitly the creation of the universe, how it is managed and cycles that make it up. Medicine, martial arts, the science of administration, arts… are all described in an elaborate and precisely way.

Each of these topics are so detailed, it would take a lifetime to study it.

Therefore, we only have access to a small part of this work in our life.

That’s why we are mainly studying the teachings of the holy people who have applied, lived and integrated this knowledge into their lives, giving us direct access to the conclusion of the Vedas.

Through Bhakti Yoga, we particularly explore spiritual realization methods and tools that make the process easier. These teachings are from various Puranas (derivatives of the Vedas) and are still, even today, passed down from master to disciple.

Regardless of the path you take, the conclusion remains the same.

We all come from the same source and will all return to the same source.

It’s our origin and our destination.

To awaken our relationship with this original being and feed it with love and devotion… This is the essence of the Vedas !

This is the path of Bhakti Yoga.

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