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Essence Gathering NB


Eastern Door

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Creators of Change

NB Essence Gathering is a non-profit organization whose mission is to create gatherings events to live Atlantide Canada differently, in full consciousness, love, respect and sharing.

A team of volunteer co-creators allowed the birth of this dream.

Come live a personal experience that will make you grow through workshops, classes, music and sharing.

The vision of the ESSENCE gatherings :

  • Eco : We invite you to bring reusable cups and crockery.

  • Alcohol-free, drug-free : Let us elevate ourselves in full consciousness.

  • Family : Your children are more than welcome (12 years and less free).

  • Uplifting : We will offer over 22 workshops at thi years gathering.

  • In nature: We invite you to come gather with us in the wilderness. Bring the necessary to dress according to the season. We are not responsible for accidents.

  • Artisanal : We prefer to highlight the artisans from Atlantic Canada. Contact us if you want to get involved!

Get Involved!


Are you a musician or DJ who has the ability to raise the vibration of people.

We are currently in the selection process. We have a few choice places to offer you a platform from which to elevate the frequency of the universal collective.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


You are a creator of change and you want to share your field of experience with enlightened being ?

The NB Essence Gatheringis the perfect place to unveil your full potential by offering it in an atmosphere of freedom and respect for All Our Relation.

Hurry up, the programming is filling up quickly!


Participate actively, become the a creator of change… This is the spirit of a true warrior of light !

Tell us what you can do. Tell us what you have to offer.

A festival like this is not created by itself! On the other hand, the available places are very limited.