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Bhakti Yoga courses

Our Bhakti Yoga classes are actually a mixture of Kirtan, Vedic teaching and meditation techniques.

Also, during these courses, you will have access to many of our items such as: Vedic literature, altar accessories, incense, etc.

Vedic teachings

Vedic science taught by Kirtan Bhakti Yoga comes from an authentic Sampradaya (disciplic line of more than 5000 years old).

In order to deepen your knowledge about Vedas and their derivatives, we organize custom classes.


Sacred songs sessions in a small or large group. Here’s the center of what Kirtan Bhakti Yoga offers to you!

Whether you are a beginner or experienced, this activity is for everyone.

Special guests

On various occasions, we invite some Grand Masters, monks who have dedicated their lives to spirituality, renown musicians and various qualified teachers.

Dinner party

Introduction to Indian culture

There is no better way to learn than through direct experience. Kirtan Bhakti Yoga will come to your home with your guests and together, we will have an Indian dinner party.

Vegetarian feast, sacred ceremonies, fun and discovery!

Specialized services

To serve with love and devotion is the center of our teachings. Whatever you need about spirituality, ask us. Kirtan Bhakti Yoga will provide a customized service to your needs.

Spiritual coaching

Whatever your faith, religion or philosophy, our spiritual coaching will help you to increase this link you have with the source. Some of us call it God. Our coaching helps to transcend illusions about life and expand consciousness.

Support for the dying

In front of evidence, when we can no more lie to ourselves, when self-illusion becomes pointless, fear and uncertainty sometimes occur.

Having someone around who has been close to death can help.

There is a way for each of us.

But despite everything, Bhakti always remains the same.

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