Vedic science teaches us that the combination of some chosen words create Mantras.

Sung within a group, some of these Mantras have the power to awaken the soul to the divine love that sleeps in us.

Kirtan manifests itself in the form of sound vibrations in a very ancient language called Sanskrit.

No need to be a singer to perform Kirtan. Simply listen to and vibrate the sound of Mantras accompanied by musicians.

Singing and listening to these carefully chosen mantras

will bring you peace, happiness and deep love.

But above all, this process allows to restore

our eternal relationship with the Supreme.

A little more than 500 years ago…

Scholar in Vedic knowledge, Caitania Mahaprabhu came to teach us the art of Bhakti Yoga.

Known for his great compassion towards all forms of life, he traveled around India, chanting the Holy names of God in the streets, to spread divine love.

Since then, his movement has spread around the world… mainly through his Divine Grace Srila Bhakti Vedanta Swami Prabhupāda.

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