The yoga of love and devotion

The art of connecting yourself with the source

Kirtan Bhakti Yoga

Invite Kirtan Bhakti Yoga at home, in your Yoga studio or in your events.


What is a Kirtan?

Kirtan is one of the most widespread practice of Bhakti Yoga. The practice is simple and accessible to all. 

Our courses and services

Here you will find everything about what Kirtan Bhakti Yoga can do for you. You can also offer us to…

The knowledge of the Vedas

The Vedas are ancient sacred texts known mainly in India.


Who are we?

Nowadays, the word Yoga has lost much of its meaning.

Indeed, Yoga means connection.

Of course, we are talking here of connection between the mind and body, but especially the connection between our true being and the divine.

If it is well taught, traditional Yoga helps to unite the body and mind. With practice, it is possible to make our mind fixed and reach a meditative state, opening a door to the soul.

From the moment you reach that state, it is possible to develop a relationship of love and devotion with the divine… the Supreme Being.

Kirtan Bhakti Yoga teaches the art of developing this relationship with the divine.

Fortunately, it is not necessary to have reached the consciousness of the soul to practice Bhakti.

You will learn to master multiple tools at our Kirtan and Bhakti Yoga courses.

A brief overview of what the experience of the Kirtan Bhakti Yoga sessions will bring you:

Learn how to spiritualize each of our daily activities.

Peace, happiness and deep love.

Knowledge about the self, the Supreme being and his energy…

Mantra meditation.


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